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Fusion 7.5 inch Pro Square

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Original price $99.99 - Original price $141.98
Original price
$99.99 - $141.98
Current price $99.99

Custom Engraving - $19.99

Please note: Currently up to a 3 week lead time. Please contact me if you have questions

Next level of rafter squares! The Fusion Pro 

  • Ultra visible 360 vial
  • Trim time with ruler heel
  • Quick mark inner design
  • Easy to read crisp laser marks
  • Built in blade wrenches 1/2" (13mm) & 9/16" (14mm)
  • Scribe notches designed to hold your pencil in place
  • Weighing only 10.3 oz's 
  • CNC machined with superior craftsmanship
  • Patented Wrench on the Heel is exclusive to us. 

  • Vial ultra visible de 360
  • Recorta el tiempo con la regla en el talón
  • Marcas de láser nítidas y fáciles de leer
  • Llaves de hoja integradas
  • Escriba con muescas diseñadas para mantener el lápiz en su lugar
  • Maquinado en CNC con mano de obra superior

Customer Reviews

Based on 53 reviews

Awesome square and awesome owner. Sven was quick to email me back even on the weekend of the 4th.

It’s a Winner!

High quality square packed with features. It looks amazing too!

Thank you for the kind feed back!!


I've been ordering it for a month and it still hasn't arrived.

John Simpson
Amazing Square!

I believe this is the best square on the market for the price. It's got everything you want and it just works! My favorite features include the built in level which has replaced my torpedo, the 1/8th inch scribe notches that start as little as 1/4, and also the cutout for 1 1/2 layout!
A very snazzy square! Highly recommend!

Thanks John!!


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Questions & Answers

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  • Does this version still have the slightly chamfered edges?

    Great question! Yes, this new Fusion Pro's edges have very small chamfered edges called edge braking so that there are no sharp edges to damage your work piece when sliding across it.

  • Will you have any other colours?

    Hey Matt,

    Green is the color we are sticking with. Being the most popular color pick of last year we love the idea of making this our brand color.

  • When will this be available in metric in the uk and also in black on black and also are the numbers etched on or just painted on??

    Hey Andrew,

    The metric will be available with in the next two months. For markings, we laser etch all of our products for long lasting high quailty layout.

  • Hi, do you ship overseas by any chance?

    Yes, we ship to quite a few area's over sea's. If your location doesnt show up, just let me know and I will see what we can do to help you out.

  • Will the 3/16 heel come with the square or is it a additional option

    Hey Curt,

    Yes sir! We will have the 3/16" option for this square and it is in the works right now!

  • Is green the only color option?

    Hey David,

    Yes sir! This is our company color so it stands out and looks great.

  • Hey Guys What’s the material the squares and heel plate are made of ? Thanks , Andrew

    Hey Andrew,

    This square is made from American made aluminum so you know its quality and done right.

  • Will this be available in metric?

    Hey Reagan,

    Yes sir! We are working on them right now and will be available soon.

  • Will it still have a level with the 3/16 heel?

    Hey Soy,

    The 3/16" version will not have a level in it. This keeps the square light and the 1/2" heel has the level it so its easy to see.

  • Will you still be selling square with normal sized heel or just this blockier version?

    We plan to also offer a 3/16 heel as well for this square. You will be able to switch between either heel depending on what you need.

  • Will you still sell the squares with regular size heel or is this one with the blockier heel all you will be selling?

    Hey Soy,

    We will be offering two heel sizes, one that is 3/16" and 1/2" thickness. The 1/2" will have a vial inside so you can leave your torpedo at home.

  • Will there be ok your marks on the bottom of the heel? I see it on the side but what about the bottom

    Yes sir! Marks are on the side on this square which is great.
    This way you can easly layout as the measurement are right there on the material.
    We used the bottom for other features that we'll soon show.