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Why Squi.Jig Framing Jigs vs Stair gauges

Why Squi.Jig Framing Jigs vs Stair gauges

 Why Framing Jigs and not stair gauges? Framing Jigs can do much more then just layout stairs when attached to your framing square. The main difference between Squi.Jig and other brand stair gauges is the height of the jig that is below the slot where the square sets. The common brass stair gauge is really short, which causes the jig to slip off the rounded edge of the lumber, or completely throw your layout off when the lumber or material has a chip or wane out of the edge of the material. The SquiJig Framing Jig's have a really tall body so if the material has rounded edges, or wane the jig still grabs really tight and gives you a consistent and accurate layout without any slipping or doubt.  

The added height of the jig also allow for many additional uses that people don't usually use stair gauges for (on speed square to mark repetitive angles, on the front of the Skil saw to do quick rips, etc.) 

Hold up you can put them on your saw? Well.. yes most saws and that is one of the design features that make this so great. How do I know if it will fit?

Lets go over that. Best way is look at your saw and note at how steep the plate is on the front, if its a small bevel vs a large like the corded skilsaw and mag saw is then chances are the jig will fit on the front for them quick narrow rips. 

 Need not to worry if your saw has to steep of bevel for rips with your jigs. There are more tricks that the Framing Jigs can do.. Like attaching to your rafter square to hold an angle when making repetitive marks or cuts. This is perfect for trimming rafter tales etc.. 

What's great is you can do more then layout stairs with the SquiJig Framing Jigs when attached to your framing square. Try placing your jigs both on the blade or tung of your square to create an edge perfect for laying out large material where a rafter square fall short because of small size. 

Let us know how you use your jigs. Its rewarding to hear how the Framing Jigs have made your life better. 

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